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Mobile device usage

Last week I mentioned that while I couldn’t give a definitive list, our initial focus for a mobile website would be higher end devices. One thing we do know is what people are using at the moment to access our sites on the move: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikenolan/4698128898/ Data for the above chart is taken from 14th April […]

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I started working at Edge Hill around the same time IT Services launched the GO portal and there was talk in the office the first Christmas about how many people would be logging in on Christmas day. We don’t have the stats for Christmas day 2006, but we do have last couple of years so […]

Hot or Not?

Inspired by University of Bath’s post about how they deleted the internet, last week we installed some heatmap software to plot where on a page users click.  We’ve had it running on a few pages and already some interesting patterns are showing. We’ll be using these heatmaps to help up determine what’s working on the […]