Wallboards, dashboards and home tabs!

What do you have on yours? I've been avidly watching The Ultimate Wallboard contest that my favourite productive development software maker Atlassian sponsored. Taken from the site: A wallboard is a type of information radiator used for extreme feedback. Wallboards are typically displayed above a development team's workspace. Now that's got you wondering.. what's an … Continue reading Wallboards, dashboards and home tabs!

2010: The Year of Open Data?

I don’t like to predict the future – usually because I’m wrong – but I’m going to put my neck out on one point for the coming year.  2010 will be the year that data becomes important. I’ve long been a believer in opening up sources of data.  As far as possible, we try to … Continue reading 2010: The Year of Open Data?

Electronic Waste or e-waste

"Electronic waste" can be defined as all secondary computers, electronics, mobile phones, and other items such as television sets and refrigerators, whether sold, donated, or no longer wanted by their original owners. E-waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste, much of it ends up dumped in Africa and Asia. Take a look … Continue reading Electronic Waste or e-waste