PHP 5.2.x with APC on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid (via Hardy)

As part of a move to virtualise our last remaining physical servers and build more scaling capability and resilience into our web serving infrastructure we have a specific need to run a couple of legacy apps on PHP 5.2.x. In the future when we've managed to fit in testing a bug fixes we'll have these [...]

The Cookie Monster is here The UK's implementation of EU Cookie regulations come into force this Saturday and the web design world is frantically trying to work out what to do! Firstly a bit of background into cookies and why we are where we are! Cookies make the web go round - they're how a website remembers who you [...]

Designing for information

Lately I've been thinking about how we design information. We spend a lot of time thinking about the design of the homepage, top level areas and Faculty and Department sites but when it comes to content, all too often it's a copy-and-paste job from a Word document. The move to WordPress for many parts of [...]

Lazy Page Loading

Computers on campus have a number of default tabs when you open a web browser. IT Services were recently asked to add the Students' Union website to these default tabs which threw up a couple of concerns. Firstly, we were occasionally finding that the site caused some versions of IE to crash (this has now [...]

Senior Web Designer

Hot on the heels of our web applications developer vacancy we're also recruiting a senior web designer. Over the last twelve months we've completely redesigned our website and moved to using WordPress to manage Faculty and Department websites but there's still more to do and this post will be responsible for managing the design aspects of projects undertaken by [...]

Event Tracking with Google Analytics

  Previously we've showed how we're starting to make use of A/B testing to measure the proposed improvements to our site. We've also started using other more advanced features of Google Analytics on our site. The problem comes from some of our designs which use JavaScript to create advanced designs. The homepage for example has [...]

WordPress 3.3

We've just upgraded WordPress to version 3.3 on the site. Take a look at some of the new features: If everything goes well we will be upgrading WordPress-powered sites on the corporate website early in the new year, ignoring this helpful advice from Twitter 🙂