Endless possibilities…

I attended a UCISA conference yesterday about Service Orientated Architecture and whilst the title wasn't particularly inspiring the actual conference was. Sometimes you just have days where everything seems to flow together and ideas pop into your head quicker than you can write them down or articulate them - yesterday was one of them. I … Continue reading Endless possibilities…

A question of confidence?!

I will be giving a presentation at the IWMW in July entitled "Let the students do the talking..." and in advance of this Brian Kelly (UKOLN) asked me to write a blog post relating to my talk. When I submitted my abstract back in February I was thinking of social networking and collaborative tools and … Continue reading A question of confidence?!

The Cult of the Amateur

Last night's Newsnight had a feature about the problems of user generated content (watch again online today). It featured "The Cult of the Amateur" by Andrew Keen from the Newsnight Book Club and they were interviewing him along with Charles Leadbeater representing the opposing view. Before the debate, they had a short video about the … Continue reading The Cult of the Amateur

Apple Video Solutions: Training For the Media Industry

On May 31st I attended a briefing session in Manchester from Apple Computer entitled Apple Video Solutions Training for the Media Industry. First we were given an overview of current trends and Apple’s strategies to exploit new markets. New trends included: quick adoption to digital technologies and HD television within media industry and by the … Continue reading Apple Video Solutions: Training For the Media Industry

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Video has been one of the big success stories over the last couple of years - YouTube, Google Video and other services have exploded in popularity, fuelled by widespread access to broadband and social networking websites allowing video to spread virally. Most of the videos are good entertainment - most music videos and many TV … Continue reading Straight from the horse’s mouth