Google Site Search

We've just launched a new beta version of the corporate website site search engine which will in the coming weeks replace the existing site search. The new system is powered by Google Site Search - a version of the search engine that restricts results to a given set of pages. Currently it is available for [...]

WordPress: Beyond Posts

As I said previously, the decision to move news to WordPress seems a straightforward one - it's used by millions of websites to serve up News, including our own faculty and department websites - but our key justification for the migration, to provide story functionality, isn't something that WordPress does out of the box so [...]

Chrome: the rise and fall and rise again

Edd Sowden's recently released browser matrix stats shows some fascinating patterns in usage for GOV.UK and the tool has also been made available on GitHub and for anyone to use. So what does it show for the Edge Hill website? The most striking thing to me is the upgrade cycle for Chrome. With a 7 day bucket [...]

Computer Availability App is here!

If you want to see where free computers are around campus then you're in luck. The Edge Hill computer availability web app is up and running in some key locations around campus ( And here it is! Each area’s unfoldable map shows which computers are free (green is free!). We chose a salmon colour for used [...]

The Tales of Xcri-Cap

One of the first projects in my new job here at Edge Hill was JISC’s XCRI-CAP. Where would we be without acronyms? I was thoroughly pleased to have some new ones. Here's the definitions: JISC - a company that pushes innovative digital technology into UK education XCRI-CAP - eXchanging Course Related Information, Course Advertising Profile. It's a UK [...]