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The Cookie Monster is here The UK’s implementation of EU Cookie regulations come into force this Saturday and the web design world is frantically trying to work out what to do! Firstly a bit of background into cookies and why we are where we are! Cookies make the web go round – they’re how a website remembers who you […]

Lazy Page Loading

Computers on campus have a number of default tabs when you open a web browser. IT Services were recently asked to add the Students’ Union website to these default tabs which threw up a couple of concerns. Firstly, we were occasionally finding that the site caused some versions of IE to crash (this has now […]

Event Tracking with Google Analytics

  Previously we’ve showed how we’re starting to make use of A/B testing to measure the proposed improvements to our site. We’ve also started using other more advanced features of Google Analytics on our site. The problem comes from some of our designs which use JavaScript to create advanced designs. The homepage for example has […]

WordPress 3.2

We’ve just upgraded our blogging system to the latest version of WordPress – version 3.2. Currently this is just for the blogging network but we’ll be testing and rolling it out to WordPress powered sites that are part of the corporate website. Check out some of the new features in this video from […]

Browser Support

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that from 1 August 2011 they will be changing the way they support web browsers for their Google Apps products including Gmail. Their blog post gives a little more information: For web applications to spring even farther ahead of traditional software, our teams need to make use of […]

Help test our website

As our new designs progress apace, we’re looking for some willing subjects to help us test the website. We’ll probably be trying a number of different techniques but essentially they involve trying out various things on the website and give us your feedback. So if you’re a student, member of staff, or even just have […]

OMAC (Word)Pressing on

It’s been a quiet few months on the Web Services blog but there’s been load going on behind slightly ajar doors! In December we launched the Online Marketing and Communications (OMAC) Project with five strands: Site navigation, structure and homepage Academic department websites Marketing content Student recruitment and conversion Mobile and social media Over the […]

Mega Menus for GO

For anybody reading this blog from outside Edge Hill, we have a staff and student portal called GO. GO is intended to eventually replace the current intranet. Due the the vast nature of the internal information, we decided that the current top navigation bar just didn’t provide enough direct access to the services that staff […]