10 PRINT “Hello World”; 20 GOTO 10

BBC MicroThe BBC Technology blog dot.life has a post about the BBC Micro in reference to the Science Museum reuniting some of the people involved in the project over 25 years ago.

Reading it brought back quite a few memories – a BBC Model B was the computer I first learnt to program on – and I’m glad that people still think of it so fondly.

Anyway, enough reminiscing – we’ve got websites to finish!

(Feel free to post a comment about your first experiences with computers – Mister Roy had an unfortunate encounter with AMS early on!)

Web Services Project Officer

Web Services are recruiting a new member of staff. We’re looking for someone to join our team to work with the Faculty of Health to create a system to link staff, students and external partners to aid communication and better manage information.

The first half of this twelve month contract will focus on planning and implementing an extranet so we’re particularly interested in people with experience of wikis, content or document management systems. Later in the year the successful applicant will be working on other projects for the Faculty to help improve communications.

You can find the full job description and person specification on the website but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on michael.nolan@edgehill.ac.uk or phone 01695 584195.

Vacancy: Web Services Project Officer

We’re looking for another web developer to join our team to work with the Faculty of Health to develop an extranet.

You can see full details on the jobs website but here’s a few more details:

The project will involve developing and implementing systems for managing information for use by staff, students and external partners. It will build on existing systems such as our GO portal and the developments we’re doing for the corporate website. The Faculty are fully behind the developments and are already working on evaluating the information they currently have which will let us get off to a running start in the new year.

At Edge Hill we try to develop innovative approaches to projects, are quick to adapt and flexible to changes which enable us to create the best websites we can.

Check out the job description for more information or if you have any questions about the role, please drop me a line – michael.nolan@edgehill.ac.uk.

Vacancy: Head of Web Services

I will be leaving Edge Hill in the New Year to take up the position of University Web Manager at the University of Bath and as a result a vacancy has arisen for a new Head of Web Services at Edge Hill.

Full details can be found on our website however I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some key facts about the position and provide some background.

In the last twelve months it’s fair to say Edge Hill’s Web Services team has had some good press. The Hi applicant site was a huge success (soon to be featured in UCISA’s Best Practice Guide for Communicating with Users) as was the Go portal developments (designed for our students). We’ve also been talked about in HE Web circles and peers are interested in our vision and approach.

More exciting projects are imminent. The Corporate Website is currently getting a re-vamp to ensure we utilise new technologies to communicate key messages to our prospective students and we’re building in more functionality to key applications such as the eProspectus (course search) and News and Events.

So there is a lot going on and the successful applicant will get to work on a variety of exciting projects and with a talented and committed Web Services team.

I have been incredibly proud to have worked at Edge Hill University and seen it’s growth and success over the last few years and I look forward to hearing of it’s continued success in the future.

If you’re interested please don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal discussion on 01695 584780 or email alison.wildish@edgehill.ac.uk.

Work with us…

We are currently looking for a Web Applications Developer to join our team.

Full details about the post can be found on our website but I just wanted to add a few words about Web Services and where we are going.

Why join us?

At Edge Hill we’ve taken an innovative approach to Web Communications and our sites reflect this. The Hi Applicant Community website demonstrates our use of web 2.0 technologies and our commitment to opening up communication with our users and keeping informaton clear and simple.

We’re also committed to developing services based on user requirements and our Go portal (to be re-launched later this month) reflects this. Students (and staff) will control the information in their own portal based on user preferences.

Why do we want you?

Our applications team is growing. Under the leadership of the Web Applications Project Manager, Mike Nolan, the team will be re-developing our corporate website in coming months to create a much more functional and usable interface for our users. Building on from our experiences with the Hi site we want to ensure that we can serve information to the user dynamically and position our website as the best in the sector.

We are looking for a strong, creative developer to work on these projects to ensure we can meet our targets. Our projects are creative and innovative – we are quick to adapt and flexible enough to change when required – we want someone who can work with us in this fast paced environment.

Why Edge Hill?

We’re the fastest growing University in the Country. We are flexible and innovative and when it comes to the web we’re doing some really exciting stuff. We’re a growing team and we have a clear vision of where we want to be.

If this sounds interesting to you then read the job description or contact me for further information.

Alison Wildish, Head of Web Services – alison.wildish@edgehill.ac.uk

Better Blog Day 5: Conduct an About Page Audit

Today’s task is to conduct an about page audit:

One of the key pages on a blog is the about page. This page is often used by new readers to a blog to gather information about you and your blog and based upon what they find on this page they could be making a decision as to whether they’ll subscribe to your blog or not.

I’ve made a few changes adding a bit of information about the purpose of the blog but it would be useful to make some more changes. ProBlogger has a load of tips about creating an about page so we should follow some of them through.

Short and sweet today.

Fiesta fiesta!

World Scout JamboreeYesterday a bunch from IT Services plus my brother went down to Hylands Park near Chelmsford to help build the 21st World Scout Jamboree. After a long drive down we got there to find that there wasn’t any technical stuff for us to do – the people doing networking had caught up with the rest of the build team – so we were sent off to help put up tents!

There will be around a thousand fiesta tents on site used for everything from shops to activity areas. We managed to put up six! But every one counts so a very big thank you to Alex, Alison, Dave, Neil and Paul.

Busman’s Holiday

World Scout JamboreeWhile most people will be jetting off for their summer holiday to far flung places or visiting some of the beautiful countryside to be found around the UK, I’ll be doing something slightly different. I’ll be working, unpaid, for up to 12 hours a day, for three weeks with only a few days off. I’ll be sleeping in a tent; toilets and showers will be in portacabins. And I’ll be in Essex. What possible reason could I have for doing this? It’s the World Scout Jamboree, and it’s coming to the UK!

2007 marks 100 years of Scouting so the World Scout Jamboree – a gathering of Scouts from around the world which happens every four year – is returning home after 50 years. It’s set to be a massive event with 29,500 participants, 10,500 staff and up to 80,000 day visitors over 10 days. Up to 50,000 people on site at any one time, at Hylands Park just outside Chelmsford.

I’m involved in the ICT team who are responsible for checking people in when they arrive, network infrastructure across the site, the websites, databases, telephones and radios – pretty much everything technical! My role for the Jamboree is part of a team that will run five internet cafes containing 250 PCs and 125 telephones to allow people to phone and email home. Four will run 6am to 10:30pm with the one for adults available round the clock.

The size of the event is quite incredible. In the space of three weeks, the build team have to create a “village” to house twice the population of Ormskirk – it’s the largest construction project by volunteers in the UK ever. At a meeting last weekend they went through some of the statistics – 102,000kg of raw meat, 170,000 litres of fresh orange juice, 270,000 sandwiches.

That’s the stuff that makes sure no one goes hungry, but large events rely on technology too. The network guys have to install 35km of cable, 500 PCs, 150 switches, hundreds of VoIP phones and racks of servers.

Now this is where you lot can help out! TPTB in IT Services have agreed to set us loose for a day trip down to Hylands Park to help build some of the infrastructure and so I’m looking for volunteers! The day I’ve picked out is Friday 13th July and it will be an all day thing. No technical experience is required as you’ll be paired with someone who knows what they’re doing and jobs will mainly be things like running out cable into the correct places, crimping the ends and making sure it’s all ready for PCs and phones to be plugged in.

If you’re interested and are able to help, please let me know and I’ll give you more details.

About time too…

As we’ve spent the last couple of years talking about blogs, showing people how to use them and advocating their usefulness we thought it was about time we started our own!

We’ll use this to keep people informed on our developments, our thoughts on technologies and how we can (and do) contribute to the effectiveness of recruitment, retention and PR for the University.

At present our key priorities and projects include:

If you have any questions or queries for us post a comment.

Alison Wildish, Head of Web Services