Author archives: Maurice Savage

  • Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Programme: Media Management MA
  • Graduation year: 2019
Hi guys! I am an entrepreneurial minded postgraduate student from St. Petersburg, Russia, currently studying Media Management. My passion – media and communications, first degree – in international journalism. Career spans across PR, printed and online media with a strong focus on business, financial and cultural news and analysis.

Computer Availability App is here!

If you want to see where free computers are around campus then you’re in luck. The Edge Hill computer availability web app is up and running in some key locations around campus ( And here it is! Each area’s unfoldable map shows which computers are free (green is free!). We chose a salmon colour for used […]

The Tales of Xcri-Cap

One of the first projects in my new job here at Edge Hill was JISC’s XCRI-CAP. Where would we be without acronyms? I was thoroughly pleased to have some new ones. Here’s the definitions: JISC – a company that pushes innovative digital technology into UK education XCRI-CAP – eXchanging Course Related Information, Course Advertising Profile. It’s a UK […]

Wiki Progress

In an earlier blog post we talked about big changes to the staff intranet. We intended to move all the content from the staff intranet into a wiki. Each department would have a space created and they could manage their own content. Most departments have now got a wiki space and are actively using them. […]

A load of “Gobbledigook” from an online form

You have Spam! Web content editors, designers and developers have all worked hard to make their website interesting, attractive and functional. A lot of time and money is spent promoting the website. People find the website talk about it and link to it from their website, blog, wiki, bulletin board ect. Search engines then trawl […]