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Mega Menus for GO

For anybody reading this blog from outside Edge Hill, we have a staff and student portal called GO. GO is intended to eventually replace the current intranet. Due the the vast nature of the internal information, we decided that the current top navigation bar just didn’t provide enough direct access to the services that staff […]

Slightly more Regular Expressions

For me regular expressions are like magic. I can appreciate the wonderful things they can do but I’ve never really understood how the trick works. As I develop primarily in PHP there are plenty of PHP string functions which when combined, can get me the desired result. However, yesterday I had to extract two values […]

Team Twitter

Twitter Nearly everyone in Web Services has a Twitter account. Many of the team have a Delicious account for storing all our bookmarks there’s even a team one. We needed┬á a way to comunicate useful information from the team without it getting lost in the clutter of our personal posts.┬á We needed a team identity […]

IIS 301s

We don’t use IIS very much, but a third party application that we are integrating into the corporate website runs on IIS, and today I had a very pressing need to add a redirect to one of the default application pages to one of our corporate site pages. I discovered 2 very good solutions: Add […]

Learning Something New Every Day

Today, I learnt about cononical linking. ┬áCanonical linking is a way of letting search engines know that your content is accessible through multiple URLs,┬áby publicly specifying the preferred URL of page content. This prevents Google penalising your site for having duplicate content. I first came across the possibility of ┬ásearch engines penalising sites for duplicate […]