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Welcome to the Web Services blog. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the projects we’re undertaking, thoughts on technologies and the issues involved in contributing to effective recruitment, retention and PR for the University.

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About the team

The Web Services team at Edge Hill (a division of IT Services) manage and develop the internal and external websites for the University.

The team currently consists of eight staff:

  • Chris Lomas
  • Elaine Beesley
  • Ben Higham
  • Janeth Howarth
  • Scott Luty
  • Maurice Savage
  • Rob Speakman
  • Steven Johnson

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4 responses to “About”

  1. Hi,

    Did you, or an external company develop your vitual tours?
    I’m just wondering because of all the ones I’ve seen, yours are probably the most effective – I especially like the hotspots.

    Any help would be great.



  2. Hi Gary,

    We did use an external company to develop these as whilst we felt “technically” we could probably produce something in house we commissioned a company to do the photography and stitching (the effect used to create the 360 feel) at the same time. I have emailed you with additional details but feel free to get back to us if you’d like any additional information.


  3. Hi guys, love your blog, esp the PHP London conference! I wanted to see if we could get a link on your blogroll to our blog at http://blog.uk2.net ?

    I also thought you might be interested in 5 interviews we just posted, we did a week long period of interviews with some of the leading designers in the UK on a variety of design, seo, and other related subjects. I just made a summary post here:


    Basically we interviewed the below designers:
    Nathan Beck – of http://sansdesign.co.uk/
    Mathew Browne – of http://www.mbwebdesign.co.uk/
    Chris Spooner – of http://www.spoongraphics.co.uk/
    Richard Stelmach – of http://www.creativebinge.co.uk/
    James Crooke – of http://cj-design.com/

    You can see a detailed list of the subjects we covered on the summary post but here is just some of the general topics we touched on:
    – Important factors of business web design.
    – Usability and why its important.
    – Functionality versus asthetics
    – Role of a blog in a business web site.
    – Social media and how it can help your business.
    – SEO case studies and SEO during design process.
    – Branding and what a designer can do with this.
    – Online store design and how to do it.
    – Etc!

    Please let me know what you think,
    Thanks, Ben

    PS, hope this is news worthy, the interviews are quite good IMO and have some good details from real world examples.

  4. Thanks for the comment Ben. We generally don’t link outside the HE community but I’ve subscribed to your blog and I’ll be sure to share interesting things.


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