Bonus Week Notes: 23 December

It might be the last working day of the year for Web Services but we’ve pushed a few things live: New mega menu navigation now contains a “social media” link. Scroll indicator on the homepage to encourage discovery of all our great content. The Study homepage¬†is now powered by WordPress as is every page linked […]

Week Notes: 20 December 2013

This week we have mostly been launching this: We’ll blog more about it after the Christmas break but a few interesting points below: New server build to support the new WordPress powered homepage. Varnish caching layer to make page serve times fly! New Faculty of Arts and Sciences website. Lots of support to departments updating […]

Week Notes: 13 December

WordPress 3.8 is now running on both and the Corporate Website. There are lots of new features covered in the video below but if you’re an editor and want the old colour scheme back then get choose light from the edit profile page. Updated the Web Services blog to the latest Twenty Fourteen theme […]

Week Notes: 6 December

Discussions between ourselves and Infrastructure Solutions about how we can get contact information about staff out of Outlook and Active Directory for use in staff profile pages. Demonstrated some ideas for how research case studies that form part of Edge Hill’s REF submission can be showcased online. This will make use of our story functionality¬†to […]