Week Notes: 29 November

  • This week’s new homepage developments:
    • Refactoring have some of the site works, in particular to simplify how JavaScript and CSS interact to style the page.
    • Switching the responsive navigation from jPanelMenu to Sidr allowing the contents of the menu to be dynamically extracted from existing elements on the page rather than replicated in the HTML.
    • Started building a staging homepage. This will be a copy of the homepage and a new plugin for WordPress enabling the publishing of settings, widgets, pages and media to the live site, plus the ability to save draft versions and roll back changes.
  • Edge Hill Central for iOS has been released to the App Store and should be available to download within the next 24 hours.
  • Had discussions with colleagues from Student Recruitment about the next steps for Getting Started for new students.
  • Testing new hardware for streaming next weekend’s Graduation via YouTube Live – more information about this next week!
  • Discussions with Finance and Learning Services about how to raise the profile of Online Payments such as printer credits and library fines.
  • Migrated to new theme:
  • Working on several new WordPress sites for English as a Foreign Language and the Faculty of Education’s
  • UK-China Conference.
  • Set up a new live chat session for Student Recruitment and the Faculty of Education to run next week
  • JIRA – Created: 27; Resolved: 28
  • RMS – Created: 20; Closed: 18

Publishing early as I’m taking a few hours flexi but I’m sure loads more will happen on Friday afternoon!

Favourite discovery of the week was that the awesome isitchristmas.com now forces you to connect via SSL: