Week Notes: 22 November

  • This week saw many in Corporate Communications and Student Recruitment get their first look at the new homepage design at Tuesday’s super-Edmon meeting.
  • CAKE conference holding website and discussions about developments for the full site next year.
  • Websites migrated to TwentyTwelve child theme:
  • We now force users logging into and editing our WordPress sites (including the corporate website, blogs and online.edgehill.ac.uk) to connect via SSL. This follows Durham enabling SSL for all connections last month (subscription to JISCMAIL WEB-SUPPORT list required to view). This isn’t something we currently force – though sites are available through SSL – but we’re considering the implications of switching it on.
  • Added oEmbed provider support to our News website. Now you can get some embeddable content directly from edgehill.ac.uk/news/*. We plan to extend this to other types of content such as events, profiles etc.
  • Edge Hill Central app has been submitted to the iOS App Store – subject to Apple’s approval it will be available shortly.
  • Continued auditing our sites and cleared out a number of dead ones including the public Web Services page!
  • JIRA – Created: 23; Resolved: 26
  • RMS – Created: 10; Cleared: 10

That’s all for this week but if you have a Windows ME related crisis over the weekend then fear not – I’ve got you covered!

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  1. It’s the iOS version of Blackboard’s Mosaic – we previously had Blackboard Mobile Central but it’s all self-service through a web interface – they generate the builds and we submit to the stores.

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