Week Notes: 15 November

  • Steve Daniels and I attended the Percona Live London conference on Tuesday. Steve has a bit of a write up.
  • Jenny Jordan and I represented IT Services at the first meeting of the Student Affairs Committee. There’s always work going on across the University to improve the student experience and some of the changes in our department can play an important part in that.
  • We’ve been building some additional functionality for the new homepage ahead of it going live in the next couple of weeks. One feature we hope not to use is the ability to push alert notices onto the homepage – think “escaped monkey on campus”, or more likely “campus still open despite the snow” – and what was previously a frantic hack to the homepage will be possible with just a few clicks.
  • Delivered Wiki and WordPress training for two Graduate Trainees working in Corporate Communications and Student Recruitment.
  • Alumni website is now in WordPress with a new homepage design.
  • As always, there’s lots to do ahead of tomorrow’s Open Day and this time we’ve been pushing content out to selected screens across campus plus getting some Media students’ work up on the new video wall in Creative Edge.
  • JIRA – Created: 20; Resolved: 20
  • RMS – Created: 11; Cleared: 12

Congratulations to Alison Kerwin (formerly of this parish) and her team at the University of York on the launch of their homepage redesign.

University of York

Suppose I should get the beers in ready for when ours goes live!