Week Notes: 8 November

  • The homepage designs have been honed and debugged and are perilously close to being ready to go live.
  • Part of this work was reviewing how far to go to support non-JavaScript users. GDS have some interesting findings showing a gap between the number of users who have JavaScript switched on and off: people who have JS turned on but for whom it doesn’t execute.
  • On Wednesday I met colleagues from Learning Services to look at how we can make use of YouTube Live for streaming corporate events such as graduation ceremonies.
  • Work on moving profiles into WordPress continues with valuable assistance from Mark who’s doing some work collating information about staff for Corporate Comms.
  • Updated another WordPress installation – this time the one that hosts the bbPress/BuddyPress-powered Think Applicant Forums.
  • Moved our shared network storage across to a new platform.
  • TheĀ Scholarships website joins Biology and Social Sciences is now in our TwentyTwelve child theme.
  • Several key sites start their migration into WordPress – Graduation should be relatively straightforward but Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Study sites each contain hundreds of pages so for the first time we’re planning a staged transition, initially moving the homepages before working through the rest of each site.
  • Feedback on our beta site search has been broadly positive so we’re fine tuning it with promoted pages and auto complete suggestions to ensure visitors get to the most relevant results. Feedback still welcome.
  • In JIRA – our team project management tool – we created 42 and resolved 41 issues in the last week.
  • RMS – 23 calls came in through the service desk and we cleared 32 (which will include some carried over from last week).

Finally, I learnt the hard way the importance of triple-checking what window you’re in after I accidentally restarted our development server on Monday morning after 999 days, 20 hours and 30 minutes continuous uptime – I just had time to grab a screenshot before it disconnected:

999 days uptime

1000 is a pretty arbitrary number anyway, and it gives Infrastructure Solutions to do some maintenance on the virtual machine that wasn’t possible without shutting it down so every cloud has a silver lining.