Computer Availability App is here!

If you want to see where free computers are around campus then you’re in luck. The Edge Hill computer availability web app is up and running in some key locations around campus ( And here it is!

Each area’s unfoldable map shows which computers are free (green is free!). We chose a salmon colour for used computers, because salmon are busy fish what with all the swimming and laying eggs. Or maybe it has something to do with being distinguishable from green for colourblind people.

Like salmon, people move around really quickly so you might find the computer you were hoping for has gone by the time you get there, and another one has appeared. So you can use the app to get a general idea of which computer area would be good to aim for. That’s why we used the signal strength indicator – so you can see at a glance your likelihood of finding a computer in that area.

That means likely.

There’s also a link to the room booking system, so feel free to come here just to book a room.

As well as showing computer usage, it also just shows where there are computers, which can be useful to new students who haven’t fully explored yet.

There’s a shiny new building overview page, that unsurprisingly gives an overview of the computers used in buildings. You might see this around screens on the campus.

There’s also a series of single map pages, just focusing on one computer area:

These single maps will be part of a slideshow shown around campus. We have one for the library which will rotate through the single maps and overview screens, so people can see at a glance where computers are being used. It should hopefully save some time in students’ days so they can so they can find a place to study more easily.


The app is responsive – a liquid version that fills to fit the container device window – so use it on your phones and tablets as well.

 Desktop Version

And that’s it. The plan is to expand to show more computers around the campus. So go ahead and use it, and let us know what you think. Feedback is what sculpts the greatest software. So what would you change to make it better? Does it help you? Let us know.