Computing facilities on campus

It’s the start of a new academic year so now is a good time to recap places on campus where you can access computing facilities – it’s more than just the library.

The Hub

This brand new building in the centre of campus has a number of express PCs for quick access to the internet. On the first floor there are six pod seating areas with integrated touch screen computers for group working and there are plenty of tables and areas to sit and use your own laptop. There’s also a giant 126 inch video wall with PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and a PC attached!


If you’re bringing your own device to university then you can connect using Wi-fi to access the internet across the campus including cafes and restaurants, lecture theatres and halls of residences. Connect to “EdgeNet” and login with your student number and password.


Open access computers and printing facilities. More information.


Approximately 200 PCs (47 are available 24 hours a day with your UniCard). More information.

Faculties and Department buildings

Many Faculties and Departments have additional computing facilities to support their students. These rooms may contain specialist hardware – music rooms in Performing Arts for example – or run software required for certain modules.

How to choose a password

Password security is very important to protect users and computer systems from malicious activity. Often complexity is encouraged by suggesting use of numbers and punctuation in an attempt to make passwords harder to break. This logic is to a large degree flawed as they’re not harder to crack and they are less memorable leading people to write them down (which, as I hope you know, is very bad practice).

But it is possible to have easy to remember and secure passwords by choosing a short phrase. Although it might look easy to crack, it’s not, and the brain is very good and memorising phrases.

Of course xkcd has a comic to demonstrate this perfectly: