Wallboards, dashboards and home tabs!

Colorful house number, twoWhat do you have on yours?

I’ve been avidly watching The Ultimate Wallboard contest that my favourite productive development software maker Atlassian sponsored.

Taken from the site:

A wallboard is a type of information radiator used for extreme feedback. Wallboards are typically displayed above a development team’s workspace.

Now that’s got you wondering.. what’s an “Information Radiator?”:

An information radiator is a large, highly visible display used by software development teams to show anyone walking by what’s going on.

Wallboards can be beautiful catchy looking things, and they should be!

As you can see, wallboards can be quite complex things, that take large amounts of important information, prioritise it and keep it visible to the people who need it most.

We want one at Edge Hill Web Services, we use JIRA here so can easily pull data out of that and I’m sure we could squeeze some information out of RMS while we were at it too, albeit with a LOT more hacking (software like that SHOULD have an API!). Looking to the future we’ve just got Crucible and Bamboo licences so that information would join out mythical wallboard..

Do you have a wallboard? / Do you want one?
Is it useful? / Can you see it’s potential use?
What’s on it? / What would you have on it?

You’ve got me every Thursday till Christmas so stay tuned for the next in my series.. Dashboards or home tabs!

Ste Daniels