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Last week I mentioned that while I couldn’t give a definitive list, our initial focus for a mobile website would be higher end devices. One thing we do know is what people are using at the moment to access our sites on the move:

Mobile device usage for

Data for the above chart is taken from 14th April – 13th June 2010 and the usual warnings apply to statistics sourced from Google Analytics – it only includes browsers executing JavaScript.

What is clear though is that Apple’s devices are massively more popular than anything else – over 75% of page views are from iPhones and iPod Touch browsers.

Mobile usage is fast moving so we’ll be continuing to monitor trends and statistics will drive much of what we do in our forthcoming developments.

7 thoughts on “Mobile device usage

  1. Strictly speaking, Apple’s devices are massively more popular than other devices who’s owners choose to visit your main site. When I had an E71, I would never have bothered browsing a non-mobile optimised website because the browser was such a crock – but I did use mobile-optimised versions of sites, where they existed.

    I suspect (though based only on anecdotal evidence) that the proportion of crappy phones which run a browser with javascript disabled is quite high. Whether optimising for those phones adds much value, I don’t know.

  2. Thanks Chris – you’re absolutely right – iPhones aren’t more common, merely the browsing experience and data packages as part of the contract (or even PAYG) makes owners more inclined to access our website.

    It did surprise me a little that the iPod Touch is in second place and suggests that users of that device are likely to be at home or on campus where they can connect to a WiFi network.

  3. You give percentages – can you give the sample size as well to give a feel for their significance?

    And does Google Analytics count unique devices? device types? visitors with particular devices? or return visits by mobile devices?

  4. It’s thousands of page views.

    Google Analytics gives lots of information and it’s probably possible to get the statistics you suggest out.

  5. If you want some comparison data I’ve got the stats from the University of Derby site for the same date range:

    54% iPhone
    14% iPod
    10% Blackberry
    09% SymbianOS
    08% Android
    02% Sony
    01% iPad
    01% Samsung

    with LG, Windows, Nokia, PalmOS and Danger Hiptop (never heard of that one myself) making up the other 1%

    We don’t have a tailored mobile site yet, so I would be interested in the chatting about the experiences you have with yours. It would also be interesting to see if your analytics stats change as a result of having a mobile site – perhaps I’ll have to buy you a beer at IWMW.

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