Think inside the box


Earlier Steve Daniels sent me a link to a BBC Manchester news story about offices made out of shipping containers. Long time readers may recall that I have a bit of a thing about using shipping containers for interesting purposes so it’s worth a read read:

“These are new shipping containers where, in very simple terms, we’ve taken the front of the container off and we’ve put a glass screen in with glass doors.

“We’ve fitted them out with carpet and supply power and broadband connectivity and the tenants bring their own furniture – very simple and very affordable.”

Creative commons photos by James K Thorp

3 thoughts on “Think inside the box

  1. Given the number of abandoned or empty containers there are around (as shown in your previous blog post about them), it’s good to seem them being recycled here… oh, wait a minute… *sigh*

  2. Yeah, I noticed that. From discussions I’ve had in the past they’re not cheap so surely it must be possible by refurbishing used containers.

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