Live Blogging the Budget

This week’s budget gave a good opportunity to see how different news organisations handled live reporting on their websites so I did a quick scan through a few TV and newspaper websites and screen grabbed what I could see. The reason I’m interested is that the 125 anniversary has provided an opportunity for a large […]

Live Chat with Learning Services

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working with colleagues in Learning Services to roll out a “live chat” service allowing students to ask helpdesk staff questions online. Here’s what it looks like for the student: And a sneak peak of what the staff interface looks like: It makes use of an […]

Mobile device usage

Last week I mentioned that while I couldn’t give a definitive list, our initial focus for a mobile website would be higher end devices. One thing we do know is what people are using at the moment to access our sites on the move: Data for the above chart is taken from 14th April […]

Think inside the box Earlier Steve Daniels sent me a link to a BBC Manchester news story about offices made out of shipping containers. Long time readers may recall that I have a bit of a thing about using shipping containers for interesting purposes so it’s worth a read read: “These are new shipping containers where, in very […]

iPad at the CUC On Wednesday evening I headed into Liverpool for an event at the CUC about iPad application development.  It was run by Vision + Media, an organisation I’ve not come across before that supports digital and creative industries in the North West. My brother (who has had an iPad for a week) has written a […]

SOLSTICE Conference 2010

Today was my fourth (2007, 2008/p2, 2009) SOLSTICE conference held here at Edge Hill University, this time in the Faculty of Health building (also the home to SOLSTICE itself). Once again this year I live-tweeted the conference using my @MikeNolanLive account which seemed quite successful – certainly avoided dozens of people unfollowing me!  As with […]