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In an earlier post on our wiki I mentioned that we use Confluence from Atlassian this company has a good and steady release cycle. Currently we’re couple of versions behind the latest, but hopefully that’ll soon be addressed by a move to a new much faster server!

Some of the fixes and new features that we’ll get when we upgrade are:

  • The Widget Connector – a quick an easy way to embed content from Youtube, Flickr, etc etc.
  • Various fixes and upgrades to the Rich Text Editor
  • The Macro Browser – this is an awesome new tool that is part of the RTE that allows you to browse for useful macro’s to add features to your confluence pages in a quick and easy way
  • Various performance issues have been solved
  • The Confluence PDF export has been drastically improved, especially that you can provide a PDF CSS stylesheet
  • Office 2007 files are now fully supported, searchable and embeddable in the latest version of Confluence which is just great!

Is the wiki being used?

We’ve had over 20,000 page views in the past month and we still haven’t fully launched the system to the university at whole! That being said, the Faculty of Health whom I work for have been using it extensively over the past year at least.

A quick breakdown:


Currently we’ve got about four and a half thousand pages in the wiki, with about sixteen thousand versions of these pages. That averages out to about four and a half versions of each page. There are also almost ten thousand documents attached to pages on the wiki.. Good work on editing people!

2 thoughts on “Your Wiki!

  1. Hi

    I am currently developing a wiki tool but have found the tool to be prone to performance issues when you load more pages and attachments on to it.

    In the end we’ll have a similar number of pages and attachements. Do you guys currently have any performance issues with regards to the loading time of pages?



  2. Hi James,

    Confluence doesn’t seem to bat an eyelid with the amount of content we’re putting on to it, I haven’t seen any noticeable slowdown of response times as we’ve been adding stuff in.

    We do have some performance issues with simultaneous users, we also perform a lot of heavy SOAP API calls to Confluence to power our portal, GO. But these we believe are associated with Tomcat’s dislike of our virtualised server environment where we host Confluence. To this end we’re moving to a real hardware server which seems to be proving good on the performance front with some light testing.


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