More calendars to watch

We’re not the only kid on the block this December so be sure to check out some of these other advent calendars:

24 Ways

If web design is more your thing then you could do worse than following 24 ways for the next few weeks. Variety of well known web folks share their ideas as blog posts… Kind of like the Web Services blog but without the well known bit!

Equally useful is the archive right back to 2005 so you’ll have stuff to read into the new year.

University of Warwick

This will be particularly interesting to watch because I thought about doing an advent calendar for main Edge Hill website a few months ago but it didn’t get off the ground in time.  Ideas for next year though!

Symfony Advent Calendar

The original symfony advent calendar, published in December 2005 was one of the key things in persuading me to adopt symfony for the Education Partnership website.  Symfony now forms the core of the corporate website, GO and Hi – it’s adoption at Edge Hill has radically changed the way we build websites.  This year the symfony project have created a brand new advent calendar and I look forward to following it.

Newby’s Advert Calendar

Binary Calculator from Newby's Advert CalendarIf you like surreal comedy advert calendars satiring local newspapers then there is literally only one advent calendar for you this year! The Framley Examiner created this quite a few years ago but I still love it.

There’s a few I’ve come across – post a comment to tell us about any other cool online advent calendars, or even just to tell us what the one on your wall is like.

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