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As mentioned by our colleagues in Core Services first year students have been given Edge Hill University Google Mail accounts. We’re a couple of months into the semester and roll out seems to have gone OK. Students have been able to happily click on the Mail link in GO and be taken directly to their mail. On their main GO Home tab they’ll also have seen the Mail box which unfortunately wasn’t compatible with Google Mail. This has now been fixed as you can see here:


Clicking on the “Google Mail” title will take you to your inbox. But a new thing with Google Mail is that you can now click on individual emails and be taken directly to that message in your inbox.

Please note that the Google Mail box only shows you unread mail. So if you haven’t got any new messages waiting then they won’t appear.

This was all made possible due to a new development we’ve recently completed. Password syncing to Google Apps. Previously when you logged into Google Mail you either came through GO or you were redirected through GO to login. This meant that we were dealing with authentication and checking your passwords directly against our systems before handing you off to Google. Now we sync GO passwords with Google so if your not accessing your email through a web browser Google can check your password with it’s copy.

Doing this enables you to get your Google Mail in any format you like. You can now follow Google’s instructions on how to setup your client for POP, IMAP and even ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone!

When following the instructions remember that you are a Google Apps user, and that your username for this is the one shown on the top right when your accessing your Edge Hill University Google Mail account.


Before contacting us with any problems ensure you check out Google’s very extensive Google Mail help.

Ste Daniels

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