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  1. Anybody know why they decided to make an advert for the uni without asking the film and television students to help out? Surely it would have made sense, seen as any kind of work experience in the field is pretty hard to get at the moment, yet essential if we want to get a job once we graduate, to organise something for us when there is a ready made opportunity for us to learn from professionals?

  2. Some second years are making a ‘making of…’ documentary piece about the ad, and a number of media students worked as extras, so there have been some opportunities.

  3. I applied to be in the advert (and am a Media Student) and wasn’t even told I WASN’T in the advert despite the fact my friends were all given a confirmation e-mail. Despite this Edge Hill still had to run round on sunday afternoon begging students to star in the final scene of the advert, something which left me perplexed, I think they could of gone about this whole scenario in a much more pollite way.

  4. yeah the way they said you had to bve available all three weekends then randomers for the last scene. shady

  5. thank you guys, I know it’s not exactly showbiz but it’d be nice to be told that I WASN’T partaking in the advert. But then again the fact they had to beg students to “star” in the last scene, albeit asking everybody in the SU on a Sunday afternoon, and in regards to the randomers, makes no sense whatsoever!

  6. Just a note about the round-up of students for the last scene – by then quite a few of the people who had said they would work the full weekend had melted away, which we hadn’t expected, so we needed to get new people in a hurry. We’re sorry that communications weren’t perfect and that people were disappointed.

  7. I would like to apologise to those students who expected to be contacted if they did not get selected for the TV Advert. We explained at each casting session that the students that had been selected would be contacted early the following week (19th/20th October), there has obviously been some misunderstanding.
    Thank you to everyone who turned up to the casting sessions, we had a fabulous response but due to high numbers we unfortunately could not offer everyone a role.

  8. “Some second years are making a ‘making of…’ documentary piece about the ad, and a number of media students worked as extras, so there have been some opportunities”

    That’s not really the oppertunities I was talking about. Documentary making is a second year module, so those students would still have had to make a documentary, regardless of the advert being filmed, and most media students aren’t doing that course because they want to be extras or actors – we’re doing it because we want to work behind the camera. The point I was making was, why were we not told about this enough in advance to make contact with the people doing it and try and get proper work experience (as in, actually helping out with the filming of the advert, with an actual production company, that we can put on our CV), or, why not give the media students a chance to actually make the advert themselves. It would have been cheaper for the uni, because chances are they wouldn’t have had to pay us, whereas I’m fully aware how much 3 weekends of production costs with a real company, and it would have given us a real head start in the industry – having something we filmed being shown regularly on national tv – which, lets face it, we’re going to need if we want a job once we graduate.
    Either Edge Hill doesn’t really want it’s students to succeed, they just want our tuition fees so they can give us a bit of paper with a degree on it after three years and nothing else, or they don’t trust their students to produce good quality work, which is not only insulting, but reflects pretty badly on the teaching staff in the media department. That or Edge Hill just isn’t organised. I suspect it’s a combination of all three, but with a heavy, heavy dose of the latter.

  9. I am a 2nd year media student who was on the set of the Advert filming the documentary and it was amazing to be apart of the film crew and talk to the cameraman, director, producer, e.t.c but at the end of the day they were doing a professional advert and worked very efficiently as a team and knew what they were doing and could direct students as what they wanted from them, i fear if the media students were to produce this advert they wouldn’t have the same amount of professionalism as the crew had. That’s not a jab at media students because 99% are focused on what they want to achieve, it’s the cast, Equipment & overall organisation that i think would make the project suffer plus they were shooting on a RED ONE camera with a MK-V stedicam so the visual quality will be amazing, students can only dream of using such equipment.
    That’s my two pence anyways

  10. As with many of the projects we organise, students from the University are encouraged, and asked to get involved. As Chris says above, the level of technical expertise, equipment and experience required to shoot the ad in the allotted two days was beyond the scope of the University. However, there were many posters around the University encouraging students to come to casting sessions and indeed several media students were extremely proactive and came along to the casting session with the main intention of being able to meet the crew and be part of a professional experience. Due to the limited availability of the crew we used the ad and cast had to be pulled together in a short space of time. The advertised dates were potential suggested dates to be used dependent on last minute crew availability and the weather and shooting was never scheduled for all three weekends – only ever for two days. Heather, if you are looking for some hands on experience then we would be happy to talk to you about other projects. You can find the Marketing Team in Clough 9.

  11. That’s a good offer from Sam, hope Heather can take advantage of it.
    If students want to make an advert or other promotional project for the University – great. I’d say either just do it and show what you can do, or if it needs resources that you don’t have access to, pitch us the idea and we’ll consider it.

    From what I’ve seen of crews like the ones who made the ad, they’re comprised of people that the director wants to work with – people who can be trusted to do a good job under pressure and who will be fun to work with.

    So – media students who want us to help them get experience – that’s how you need to be coming across.

  12. I was there and I have to say that some students did drift off as the day wore on. I was however very impressed with all those who took part for their professionalism and for using the waiting time to interrogate the crew about job prospects! As to the rest keep your eyes peeled for invitations in the future. Ask not what your Uni can do for you but what you can do for your Uni. (You never know what you might get out of it)

    BTW Mr Roy What Flip cam are you using?

  13. I understand completely what you’re saying, and I know I came across as being a bit rude – I didn’t mean to, I’m just annoyed at the lack of work experience that media students are offered from this uni in general. I understand that the careers centre isn’t really geared to give us the specialist advice that we need, and to be completely honest, I’ve been really impressed every time I have gone there for advice, but what we need to get on in our chosen career paths is work experience, and if the uni has an opportunity to give that to us, why didn’t they? I know fullwell how production companies work, and obviously they wouldn’t want a whole departments worth of students running around when they’re trying to make an advert, but why not tell us you were making it in enough time for us to contact the company and ask them for placement? By the time we knew about it (when the casting adverts went up) the production company will have already got their entire crew ready, including any work experience placements or runner jobs that may have been available. I know I’m rambling, but what I’m basically saying is – why weren’t we told about this in enough time to contact the company involved and offer our services?

    As for your offer of chatting about other projects, I will definitely be in touch. This is the kind of thing we should be being told about though. I had no idea the university even had a marketing team that we were able to contact about this kind of thing until I got stroppy and posted on here. Nobody in the department really talks to anybody about that kind of thing, and getting help with work experience is almost unheard of, or at least, it is on my course. When I asked one of the head tutors if he knew of anywhere I might be able to write to about work experience, his response was “have you tried looking on the internet”.

    I’m ranting again. Sorry, but as I’m sure you can tell, it’s a sore subject with me and a lot of other media students at this uni.

    I certainly didn’t mean to come across rude or to offend anyone involved with the advert in this or my previous posts, so I hope it doesn’t come across that way.

  14. Also – “Ask not what your Uni can do for you but what you can do for your Uni”

    Sorry, that’s the wrong way round. We are paying you to help us get the education we want and to improve our job prospects. You should be helping us, not the other way round

  15. Clearly the irony was lost on you Heather. (It’s a JFK speech paraphrased) My reality is that I’m a Geography graduate but teaching Social Sciences because of the voluntary stuff I did at Uni getting me into Youth Work so in fact it’s the stuff you do outside your degree that sometimes does more for you than your course. I can see that you will be grabbing all your opportunities with both hands from now on.

  16. Heather, the opportunites are always there in the University, you just need to know where to look. We have a heavy workload to promote and brand the University so probably have an expectation that students will be proactive if they require work experience. An inquisitive mind is the first prerequisite for a media student, I would imagine. Any offer of services would have been through Marketing and not through the production company which was not acutally a production company as such, more a group of people who had worked on other projects and were brought together specifically for this job. As well as those students who were active in asking to document the ad, there were others who acted in many other capacities. Setting up and taking down props for shots especially. If it’s such a sore subject I fail to see why I, as Head of Marketing, have not been approached by these students begging for opportunities. It surprises me that the students who come asking for work experience are not from those subjects who would benefit most from the experience my team have. Our remit is not one of teaching and learning but we are more than happy to accomodate anyone that is proactive enough to seek these opportunities. I look forward to seeing you soon and discussing how we can help you.

  17. The reason we haven’t been to see you is that we don’t know you exist, it’s that simple. Like I said, I’ve asked my tutors if they knew of any opportunities near here for experience, within the uni or outside of it and was told to “try the internet”.

    I will pop in for a chat at some point in the next week or so, when I have a free moment. Do I need to make an appointment?

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