Building an Anti-CMS

At last weekend’s PHP North West Conference I delivered a talk titled Building an Anti-CMS (and how it’s changed our web team).  Feedback has generally been pretty positive so I thought I’d open it up to a bit of constructive criticism from inside the sector (because every web team reads our blog, right?!).

Video from the talk itself is due out within the next month but I re-recorded some audio to turn it into a slidecast to make it a bit more useful:

I’ve given a number of talks before at Edge Hill, at BarCamps and at IWMW but for PHPNW I’ve tried to further develop my style of presentation. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve watched quite a few “Lessig style” talks – making use of lots of short sentences and pictures and not being afraid to have nothing on the screen.

It leads to a massive slidedeck – 86 slides for 13 minutes – and there’s far less room to ad lib but it gets away from some of the things that annoy me about regular death by powerpoint. I’ll let you make up your own mind whether it’s worked!

5 thoughts on “Building an Anti-CMS

  1. Sounds great Mike, anything to get away from Powerpoint uniformity! However, the slidecast takes a very long time to load on my PC. Is there any compression you could use to speed this up? I can’t wait for it to stream at the moment but will have another go at viewing later today.

  2. Hi Angela,

    Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything I can do now that the slide timings have been set (which took a long time to tweak each one). This is a shame because I could probably have compressed it more and I didn’t realise until I’d uploaded the audio that it was only in the left channel.

  3. I Google-d for ten minutes trying to find a group as dedicated as me to not using typical CMS’s. That’s 9 minutes to long. It’s too bad I missed the conference this year.

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