Desktop blogging with Windows Live Writer

Windows Live WriterFor most of the time we’ve had this blog I’ve used the online editor built into WordPress. I’ve dabbled with the WordPress iPhone application but it’s only good for posting the odd photo and not the in-depth posts readers expect.

I’d heard of tools that allowed you to draft posts offline but never really thought they’d match what WordPress were able to do themselves. A post on SitePoint led me to look again at some of the tools and Windows Live Writer from Microsoft actually seems rather good!

All the things that you can’t do through a web-based editor like cut and paste images Just Work. I’m going to try it for my next few posts to see how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Desktop blogging with Windows Live Writer

  1. Glad you’re enjoying WLW – by far the best blog editor I’ve used – my favourite feature (although small) is the ability to set the borders and spacing on inserted images using the right-hand sidebar.

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