New Departmental Sites

We have been redesigning and reorganising our faculty and departmental websites over the last two months, and we are pleased to announce that the majority have gone live this morning:

Why Do This?

  1. Firstly we wanted to put the sites into our corporate-site design template; because we felt it was important to have consistent branding, navigation, search facility, and page-layout across all outward facing pages
  2. Secondly we have a system to extract news, events, staff profiles and multimedia from our database; we can now employ this across our new sites.
  3. Thirdly, we wanted to formalise the top level navigation, then utilise tabs on lower level pages to cater for the individual needs of the department. For example, the Performing Arts department has a greater need for visual media, than say Law and Criminology


The sites have a main homepage modelled on the established grid, with boxes linking directly to: About the Faculty, Courses, Research, and News and Events. There is space for specific promotional needs if a new courses or publication are launched for example. For departments with a number of internal departments, like The Department of English and History; these are clearly listed on the homepage.

english outlined


The sites have five basic sections About the Faculty, Courses, Research, News and Events, and Contact us; I wanted the About The Faculty and Courses areas to have a befitting sub-homepage with a marketing focus.

About the Faculty

I wanted to use a strong representative image, which either emphasised the attraction of the subject, or highlighted the exceptional facilities that Edge Hill has in that subject area; I also wanted a friendly welcome message from the head of department, along side their portrait and v-card details.
About The Department


The courses homepages differ according to the volume and complexity of the department’s portfolio: For example the faculties of Education and Health identify the client according to their professional level, whether they are entering study for the first time or pursuing professional development or extra qualifications.
Faculty of Health Courses

Sites within The faculty of Arts and Sciences, the portfolio of courses can be divided into Foundation, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate courses, or into subject areas:

Business School Courses
Courses themselves can have homepages, with tabs for subject specific content. These complement the online prospectus pages – where the focus is on providing information – with the capacity to display more visual content such as videos, photo galleries or other multimedia. They will also serve as landing pages when courses are promoted on social networking sites.


Staff Profiles

The profiles are pulled from the database: they can be displayed as a thumbnail grid with contact details in tooltip boxes; or as lists with details displayed vertically, with large or small thumbnails. You can toggle between theses states using buttons.

English Staff

News and Events

Departmental news pages now use the same system as E42 our university magazine


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