Oracle Magazine

Time Magazine, the International Herald Tribune, the New York Times… these are just a few of the quality publications you might reasonably expect to find on a transatlantic flight. So imagine my excitement as I boarded the plane to find Oracle Magazine on the rack! On this eight hour flight I’ve spent literally minutes flicking through it reading about topics including:

  • One Console to Rule Them All: New features of Oracle Enterprise Manager improve the management of the entire Oracle stack.
  • See savings with Linux: Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle Unbreakable Linux support services and Oracle VM help save money, time, energy – and the planet. [they can cure the common cold too, so I hear]
  • Imunising code against SQL injection attack by using bind arguments.

From the letters page, Felix writes in:

I am a regular reader of your magazine, and indeed appreciate you and your team for your relentless effort in lifting information technology to greater heights. Still, I want to ask you to publish more about the application of HTML, PHP and JavaServer Pages to Web design and development.

1) Is this serious?! 2) I think Felix would be better served by a good book about web development than a corporate magazine!

Listed in the upcoming events section is eduWeb but sadly IWMW is missing… maybe next year we could submit details!