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Phil Wilson from the University of Bath has just published a summary of browser statistics so I thought it might be interesting to do a comparison.

We also use Google Analytics and it covers virtually every page on the site.  We don’t distinguish internal visitors so I’ll give figures for external and total.

External visitors:

Browser Visits Breakdown
Internet Explorer 79.65% IE6: 18.5%; IE7: 68.5%; IE8: 13%
Firefox 14.05%
Safari 3.78%
Chrome 1.89%
Opera 0.25%

All visitors:

Browser Visits Breakdown
Internet Explorer 80.30% IE6: 17%; IE7: 71%; IE8: 11.8%
Firefox 13.77% FX2: 6%; FX3: ~90%
Safari 3.55%
Chrome 1.80%
Opera 0.23%

Still far too many IE6 users both inside and outside the University. I will be very glad when it stops being a significant problem but browser share is dropping very slowly and none of the various proposals for encouraging people to upgrade seem very attractive to me.

Interestingly, looking at the stats for, Firefox usage jumps to 33.5% with IE at 56%.

5 thoughts on “Browser stats

  1. These stats are quite interesting but possibly biased. I know we can not control which browsers external users adopt but we do internally.
    Currently we only appear to have IE and Firefox installed on the open access and classroom machines.

    Perhaps if the University installed all of the browsers on the machines the users would have more of a choice and this may have a significant effect on the stats.

  2. I would certainly be happy to see a wider selection of browsers available on University machines but there are significant issues with enterprise deployment of most browsers.

  3. I think if EHU maybe stopped using IE on the computers this would solve a major problem? better yet just get rid of Windows all together!!

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