EdWeb 2009 at Headscape

EdWeb09 - a Headscape WorkshopLast week I was down at Headscape’s offices for EdWeb 2009 – a small workshop aimed at University web people. There were just 12 people representing ten Universities from across the country ranging from St John’s College, Oxford (under 600 students) to the Open University (180k+ students!).

The workshop covered four broad topics – writing effective content, managing content, becoming a user-centric institution and pragmatic accessibility – but the discussion went much further than that.  I’m not going to say much more than that right now but I’ll be following up with a series of posts clarifying some of my thoughts and explaining how they might affect Edge Hill.

You’d never know it was Headscape’s first time running a workshop of their own – Paul, Chris and Marcus did an excellent job of looking after everyone (and thank you to Paul’s folks for lunch and coffee!).

2 thoughts on “EdWeb 2009 at Headscape

  1. Hey Mike, was nice to meet you there, & to see you blogging about this. The thing I like about events like this & IWMW is that they get me contemplate on best practice, how to make my uni’s website better, & provide better service as an HE web team.

    We’ve just kicked off a big site redevelopment project, & these issues – writing for the web, usability, management of content – need to be listened to at the highest level possible. I went to a London university web network session on Monday (see http://jeremyspeller.wordpress.com/2009/05/20/the-fall-and-rise-of-london-university-web-groups/) & we talked about much the same stuff!

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