GO Faster!

The Edge Hill GO portal has recently had a couple of little updates, both of which I hope will improve your usage of it.

Until recently whenever you logged into GO you where taken to your last used Tab at this address https://go.edgehill.ac.uk/. This was all well and good when the majority of people only had the one “Home” Tab.

GO Home Tab

A selection of people had also added their own custom tabs by clicking the old “New Tab” link, or now the “+” link at the end of the list of Tabs. But this behaviour wasn’t prevalent across the majority of users.

Performing Arts users have had their own Tab for a while now, and also recently Health students have had a Health Tab. Students have had the “Student Central” Tab for some time too now which contains a growing number of services.

GO Home - Student Central Tabs

Always going back to your last Tab on login meant an extra click to get back to Home. Or if you used a Tab regularly you couldn’t bookmark it’s address individually, or have multiple GO Tabs open at once in your browser. Since in my work for the Faculty of Health I will be driving them to make more and more use of GO and the services it provides I need a solution for this problem.

GO Tabs are now individually addressed in GO. This means your Home tab is always accessible at:


Other university provided Tabs are available at addresses such as:


With custom tabs that you’ve created being available at addresses like this:


This’ll hopefully help people get to where they want to go faster 🙂

Other news.. To also improve uptake of GO usage in the Faculty of Health I’ve spent a lot of time speeding up the page load times of GO. I think this is an important aspect because people just don’t use slow unresponsive systems. A few facts and figures.

Before my work a standard GO Home Tab took 2-3 seconds to load and made 34 database calls.

Since my work a standard GO Home Tab takes 0.5 seconds to load, makes 13 database calls, and uses a third less memory resources on the server, which makes for a much faster experience. (I hope at least one or two people noticed!)

Steve Daniels

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  1. Up to a point… Certainly seems to load quicker, but tonight I’ve been trying to access material gathered under the Staff Resources section (A-Z of depts, strategies etc) and that just results in a Liberty Alliance logo.

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