Happy 2nd Birthday Web Services Blog

Happy Birthday

Today is the second birthday of the Web Services blog! Is it really a year since the last birthday and two years since Alison’s first post?!  Yes, it really is.

The frequency of posts has dropped off in the last year – we’ve crept up to 201 posts – but we’ve still covered a lot. Here’s a few of the bigger topics:

So a busy year, and that barely compares to what’s coming up.  We’re in the middle of redeveloping Faculty and Department websites, starting with the Department of Magic.  In the last few months we have given GO a facelift, ready for new features and integration of the staff intranet.

Interesting times ahead, so keep reading for the next year in the life of the Web Services blog.

3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Web Services Blog

  1. Please tell me you half inched that photo and didn’t go to the trouble of purchasing said cake and candles!

  2. Google’s Image search now has filters for images within the public domain (with Creative Commons licensing) so you should never have to “half inch” one again!

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