Encarta bit by Wikipedia: Another triumph for Web 2.0

Microsoft announces the closure of Encarta later this year after losing ground over the years to freely available reference material on the Internet and on web sites like Wikipedia.

“People today seek and consume information in considerably different ways than in years past,”

the software maker said in a notice posted on its MSN website. As described in a Bits blog, the Wiki-dominance is so far-reaching that it got 97% of the visits that Web surfers in the U.S. made to online encyclopaedias, while Encarta was second with 1.27%.

Encarta has been a popular product around the world for many years. However, the category of traditional encyclopaedias and reference material has changed. Now Encarta itself has fallen victim to changes in technology. Well, it looks like Wikipedia is here to stay without strong rivals on the net, the question is for how long?

The plug will be officially pulled in October of this year but Microsoft will also stop selling the Encarta products by June. RIP Encarta 1993 – 2009.


5 thoughts on “Encarta bit by Wikipedia: Another triumph for Web 2.0

  1. It strikes me as funny how quickly technology shapes our world. I remember using Encarta when I was in secondary school around 12 years ago and thinking it was a shame that they no longer used the Encyclopedia Britanicca. Now technology has reshaped us again and Encarta is out-dated. Interesting.

  2. its just a shame u cant reference wiki, where u could encarta. 🙁

    inb4 anyone can edit it, thats why u cant reference.

  3. Somehow it sees to me there is no contest – in the sense that the Encarta and Wikipedia address different target populations with different types of offerings.

  4. You can’t always trust Wikipedia though; even though it does often cite sources (you can’t always trust the sources either). I created an account myself just to correct some of the obvious mistakes or opinions given as fact.
    Brilliant amount of coverage though and still growing.

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