Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Creative Commons HiggySTFCThis week work began on a mysterious new website.  It’s one that few people will ever see but it’s one of the most important sites we’ll do this year.  “But if no one’s going to see it, why is it so important?”, I hear you ask (because I’ve got voices in my head).  It’s important because it will form the basis of brand new websites for every Faculty and Department at Edge Hill.

Since we went live with the new website structure and designs last year, we’ve known it was only a short matter of time before we’d have to address department sites.  Now is that time, and we’ve got ambitious plans to get new sites live as quickly as possible.  Instead of running projects sequentially, we’re running them concurrently.  That’s right – three faculties and eight departments at the same time!

To make this possible, projects will be a close collaboration between Web Services, Corporate Marketing and the departments to ensure all the information we need is available and we can create the best website possible.

We’re making use of a picklist of components – some which you’ll already see on the website, others will be new – to make creating the websites a bit like a jigsaw – each one will use different pieces but we don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.

And which lucky department gets to go first?  That honour goes to the Department of Magic – our new demo website where we’ll be bashing out structure, squashing bugs and honing new features.  It’s not quite ready to launch – and since we don’t actually offer a BSc (Hons) Conjuring it might never get released – but check back here for progress over the coming weeks.

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