Go Go Gadget GO Redesign

Just a quick post, really to explain the re-skinning of the GO navigation bar. We are currently developing a wiki that will eventually replace the intranet. The wiki will have the same look and feel as GO, so that we have a consistent style and user experience across applications. We also hope eventually to adapt other systems in the same way, online mail and Blackboard for example.

GO screenshot

My main aims regarding the GO redesign were really to add contrast and economy to the interface, and update the typography so that it reflects the current Edge Hill branding. I was also conscious that the old version was overloaded with unnecessary background images, which slowed down the application and caused the CSS to mushroom.

I will write a more comprehensive overview of the wiki design soon.

10 thoughts on “Go Go Gadget GO Redesign

  1. Only just logged into GO for the day. Looks great Sam – much cleaner and subtle. Well done Web Services!

  2. Sam,

    Is there a wiki available on campus for staff to use within modules, e.g. for students completing a collaborative piece of coursework? I think this would be a really useful addition and could make group work a much simpler task!

  3. Hi Pete,

    The wiki we are integrating with GO will initially be used for Faculty, department and division information, effectively replacing the intranet. We have no plans at present to offer it as a service for students.

  4. The only thing that bothers me is the blue, this isn’t edge hill colours!

    Other than that, a very tidy, neat design. Good job

  5. Hi Justin,

    The blue is one of the corporate colours (or very close to it – there are always differences between print and screen) – you’ll see it on many publications produced by the University.

  6. On the Wiki, the header colours will change according to Faculty. These will be the correct Blue, Red and Purple hexadecimal values specified in the style guide

  7. Hi Justin “corporate colours” is just an in house saying that refers to the catalogue of colours that we frequently use in graphic media. In other words – “The blue is one of *our* colours”.
    Hope that clears it up for you.

  8. Technically the University is a ‘Higher Education Corporation’, a type of entity created in the early 90s I believe. The University is also a charity.

    At a more philosophical level, I suppose we say things like ‘corporate colours’ to indicate that they’re for the entire body of the University rtaher than individual bits.

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