The Last Lecture

So I’m on holiday at the moment in some far flung country and I’ve been taking some time to read a few books.  Of course I asked my Twitter followers for some advice and Andrew Frayling from Cardiff University pointed me to The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  The book accompanies a lecture given by Randy at Carnegie Mellon University.  Many universities do these lectures where professors are asked to give a talk as if it was there last one – for Randy, dying of pancreatic cancer, it really would be.

If this sounds a little morbid, it’s not.  Go watch the video, read the book if you can.  You won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “The Last Lecture

  1. A very inspritational lecture!

    Edge Hill have started to use the software mentioned (Alice) as a way of stimulating our first year undergraduate computing students into learning how to code. Talking to the tutors who are teaching this at the moment for the first time and also some of the students has indicated that the software is deliveering exactly what Randy has mentioned in the video.

    A very interesting lecture.

  2. What an inspirational man! You would never know that he was dying of cancer – his attitude really does amaze me and puts everything in perspective. A brilliant lecture too. Randy sets an example to us all, living life to the full!

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