I ♥ WordPress

I got a request yesterday from Roy Bayfield asking if it was possible to put a heart in the title of a news story and I didn’t have a clue!  So I did a bit of looking online and found a page on the WordPress Codex saying how you can insert special characters.  I did a couple of test posts on our news system and lo, it worked!

Not only was it fine in the title of our news story, but it followed through to work in the Atom feed, and onto Twitter.

It’s possible to put the full selection of suits in – ♦♥♣♠ – plus a selection of other characters like musical notes (♫), chess pieces (♘) and miscellaneous items of stationary (✉). Best of all these work without messing around with changing fonts!

Update: Your Mileage May Vary! And I should add that our news system isn’t powered by WordPress, but both allow for this kind of thing.

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