Changes to the Design of our Corporate Site

Over the last 5 months the :choice brand has evolved, and we felt that the current design didn’t relate enough visually to the developing brand.

The original concept of integrating the 2008 prospectus design and the corporate website design was sound. The prospectus has a visually bold magazine style; we hoped to develop a strong set of sub -homepages that mirrored this, the final pages however, lacked the impact of the printed ones.

New Functionality

New Sub-homepage layouts

We have worked with Creative Services to develop a grid-based layout that plays to the strengths of the web rather than print, which can be applied to our homepages. One of the primary :choice brand values emphasises the use of excellent imagery, we now have a measured, spatially uncluttered environment to fulfill this.

The grid works as a design pattern that can be applied to faculty and departmental websites, and can be easily adapted by other members of the Web Services.

example: Study Homepage

My:Choice Panel

Video and audio, image galleries, and staff and student profiles will feature in a panel with the My:Choice branding, which was established throughout the prospectus. This emphasises the experience of the individual at Edge Hill University, and also brings together multimedia content into a standardised interface.

example: Biology Course Page


The Futura font family is integral to the :choice brand. We have decided to use Futura Book Uppercase and Futura Bold Uppercase for headings. They are perfect for the web as they are clear at 72dpi and at smaller sizes.

example: Corporate Homepage

We hope that you like the improvements, feel free to leave a comment.

11 thoughts on “Changes to the Design of our Corporate Site

  1. Thanks Rob. I’ve fixed the HTML. The list of experts is a little out of date (heck, I’m not listed as web development guru!!) but the press office will be updating entries in the near future.

  2. Hi Mike
    Don’t know what happened to the list of experts- I remember being asked for an entry years ago, and certainly at one point virtually all the academic staff in FAS were in there.

  3. It’s one of those things that’s crept down the priority list, but it’ll be updated real soon, and we’ll be able to link it into the profiles you can see on some of the course pages to get even more visibility of the work and expertise that staff have.

  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for the feedback. I think the new design is more striking – images are bolder, higher quality and fit together to form a better overall look. The new types of content that we’re adding should improve the interactivity of the site, so for example course pages will have profiles and video interviews with staff and students and more pages will feature photo galleries to supplement the virtual tour.

  5. Love the redesigns – really seem to follow “Save the Pixel” principles. If you don’t have a copy of the book, email me direct and I’ll send you a free PDF. Best wishes, Ben

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