Stuff what we’re doing at Edge Hill University

IWMWA few months ago, the call for submissions for IWMW went out and at the last minute I sent off my idea for a parallel workshop session, “Stuff what we’re doing at Edge Hill University”. I must admit I didn’t really have much idea at the time what I thought I’d talk about other than looking at a few of the sites we’ve developed over the last year and shamelessly use it as a way of finding out what other people are doing in those areas.

I covered applicant communications with Hi, the GO portal and ranted a little about the adoption or otherwise of Content Management Systems. I had about 20 participants in the session and I’m pretty happy with how it went. It was particularly interesting to hear about some of the different ways that Universities are doing applicant communications – information was coming from a range of sources and it’s being integrated into sites in a variety of ways.

My slides are online on SlideShare and embedded below. The last part of the presentation “10ish five-minute ways to improve your website” was repeated for my BarCamp session but I’ll cover that in another post.

Update: a few people have mentioned my session:

  • Matthew Bull: “They seem to be doing a lot of good healthy web 2.0 stuff there, and seem to have been given a lot of freedom in what they do.”
  • Jeremy Speller: “An interactive session – it’s buzzword bingo!!” – my slides are effectively just headings so Jeremy’s notes may fill in some of the gaps for you!

10 thoughts on “Stuff what we’re doing at Edge Hill University

  1. I love the image, and hate the title. I know it’s joky, but as chief inspector in the EHU grammar police, I find that “what” really grates- and I’m not really keen on the “stuff” either. Does it present a good message about us to the outside world?

  2. Hi Rob,

    I’m sorry you feel this misrepresents Edge Hill’s image to the outside world. At last year’s IWMW, Alison Wildish’s plenary talk grabbed a lot of people’s attention and Edge Hill went from virtually unknown within the HEI web community to being the hot topic of conversation at the conference. I wanted to take advantage of that momentum and show off some of the work we’re doing here. With so many parallel workshop sessions for delegates to choose from, it’s important to grab their attention and that was why I chose that title and not, say, “Applicant communications, intranets and corporate website design”.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Just to add – I think the title was accepted as being a little tongue in cheek. As Mike suggested the delegates have a lot of sessions to choose from so the catchy titles (albeit with poor grammar) often attract a lot more interest.

  4. As an attendee at the conference, I found it difficult to choose which of the many parallel sessions to go to. This kind of title, grammatically incorrect as it may be, really helped it stand out.

  5. Fair enough – and I’m not so much of a grump that I didn’t realise it was a joky title, as I said earlier. Maybe something quoted from the content would be as attention grabbing: “How Edge Hill sold its soul to Google” or “Edge Hill – we will control all you see and hear”.

  6. I’d agree that the irony of the title’s deliberate mistake is up-front enough to be read as non-serious. I thought that taking this approach looked confident.
    The external attention Edge Hill gets for its web work is very gratifying I’m glad Mike and colleagues were able to fly the flag at this event.

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