Migrating WordPress

WordPress LogoWe’re moving some websites to a new server. Hi has already been done except for the databases and this post is actually a test to see if the blogs have moved over successfully! Let us know if you see any odd behaviour!

The move will bring several sites onto newer hardware which may make them a little faster and will get rid of the blips of downtime we’ve had over the last month. We’ll also be upgrading to a newer version of WordPress MU in the very near future so if you blog with us look out for a fresh new control panel.

9 thoughts on “Migrating WordPress

  1. WP 2.6 will be merging MU functionality with the main trunk, and on my bleeding edge servers development is already moving forward at a pace, so you may want to target that rather than end up with a ‘feature incomplete’ pre-2.6 MU deployment.

  2. Thanks Alex, I’ve just had a mare trying to get an LDAP plugin to play nicely with WPMU 1.5.1 so I think I’ll hold off the bleeding edge releases for now!

  3. Hi Mike,
    Just to let you know, the akismet spam filter on the tech services blog is asking for an API key. Do you have one for the whole lot or shall I create a wordpress account and get my own?

  4. Hi Tom,

    We use a multi-user version of WordPress called WordPress MU for both the Edge Hill blogs (like this one) and the Hi website student blogs. This allows us to more easily maintain all the blogs from one central location. The upgrade to WPMU 1.5.1 happened on 17th June for both Hi and the corporate blogs and seems to have gone pretty smoothly. There’s a number of changes coming soon to the single and multi user versions of WordPress and this upgrade has allowed us to more easily adopt them when they’re finally released.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I’m just setting up a WordPress MU install and was wondering which combination of patches and fixes you used to get 1.5.1 working with LDAP?

  6. Thanks Mike for your answer,

    Does that mean I will be able to embed videos in my Hi Blog? I think wordpress just released the 2.6 version, any luck for an upgrade to that version? Do we, the Hi bloggers, only have limited functionality for our blogs?

    I do find the current version a little bit unstable and limiting.


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