Two hundred words

Leeds Met UniversityOften people think that blogging can be a bit of a chore – requiring hours to draft and edit each post to ensure that it’s word perfect – but that needn’t be the case. I’m often guilty of writing long, verbose posts, and they certainly have their place – to explain our thinking behind what we do on the web or go into more depth on certain subjects which may be of interest to specific groups of readers – but shorter posts are equally valid.

This was brought home to me when colleagues returned from a trip to Leeds Met a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that their VC, Professor Simon Lee, writes a daily blog. VC Reflects has been running for nearly five years and is a fantastic insight into what’s going on in the University. It’s not a true blog – you can’t comment on posts or subscribe to an RSS feed – but as far as regularly communicating with University stakeholders, it’s fantastic!

So if you’re thinking about starting to blog but don’t want to get bogged down writing long posts then don’t worry – you can even get away with writing just two hundred words.