I spy with my little eye…

The view out of the Web Services officeIT Services have acquired a new piece of kit – an Axis 206 Network Camera. We’ve been setting up a webcam to allow us to stream live images and video from campus. It’s currently pointing out of our window but very soon we’ll be moving it to look at the new building.

If you’re a member of staff, it will be appearing on the intranet homepage soon, otherwise some changes we’re doing over the coming weeks on the corporate site might allow us to find a home for it there too. In the meantime, enjoy the view out of out window as of 12:16pm today!

2 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye…

  1. a word of advice on those types of axis cameras: unless you’re expecting very low volumes of traffic, it’s worth thinking about setting it up to cache/proxy through a more robust server.

    at Salford, we didn’t stream live shots, only static every half hour…but set the cam to ftp the images to one of our main servers and had some clever php to always show the last one while keeping the others archived (which were then made into simple time-lapse movies)

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