One Big Summer (of Code)

Google have announced another Summer of Code. This is a program [sic] to let students work on open source projects over their summer holiday (vacation) while getting paid for the work they do.

Over the last three years, 1500 students have worked for scores of mentoring organisations to add features, fix bugs and improve products for the benefit of the community. Looking the 2007 website you can the sorts of work being done. Everything from Haskell to PHP, applications like Gallery, Drupal and WordPress.

This year symfony – the web framework we use extensively within Web Services – has applied to join Summer of Code and it will be great to see what comes out of it.

Applications for students open later this month and it looks like UK university students would qualify so if there’s any one out there in Edge Hill reading then keep an eye on the website and see what projects turn up. It’s not restricted to Computing students although you will need some coding skills (obviously!).

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