Google Gone Phishing?

A couple of us in the office received an email from Google about Analytics and AdWords:


It’s come to our attention that your AdWords account has not been properly linked with your Google Analytics account. If you do not link your accounts by March 5, 2008, we cannot ensure that your data from AdWords will continue to populate in your Analytics account.

It’s fast and simple to link both accounts. Please review the various scenarios below and follow the instructions that best suits your needs.

[bunch of links]

We ask for your cooperation to help us make your experience with Google Analytics the best that it can be.


The Google Analytics Team

It looks fairly legitimate – the links actually point to the address shown in the email (a common tactic with scammers) and it’s certainly possible that this is something we (and me personally – I got an email to my personal Gmail address) need to do.

But you can never be certain so I Googled for “come to our attention that your AdWords” and received just one result – a forum post on Search Engine Watch about the very same email – it seems that we’re not the only ones getting it. The general consensus is hang on and wait until Google confirm it so I’ll be keeping an eye on it until then.

What’s more interesting though is that the forum post I found was less than an hour old – Google had spidered it blisteringly fast! This is a massive difference to just a few years ago when search engines would update their index maybe every couple of months if you were lucky.

Let’s see how quickly this post gets indexed!

Update: less than 20 minutes!

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