Bad URLs Part 2: The Beauty of URLs

Last time I gave some examples of awful URLs but not everyone gets it wrong. Let me give you some examples of truly beautify URL structures and explain the benefits of them! Ask Auntie If you ask almost any UK-based web developer for a list of the best produced websites, the Beeb will be pretty […]

Bad URLs Part 1: When URLs go bad

The humble URL is one of the most unloved things on the internet, yet without it there wouldn’t be a World Wide Web. For the less techie out there, URLs are web addresses such as The identify every web site, page, image and video on the internet and on the whole they’ve done a […]

eXchanging Course Related Information

Three weeks without a noise from the Web Services blog! How have you coped, dear reader?! We’ve got lots going on with some exciting developments you’ll hear about over the coming few weeks but I’m going to talk about something that’s probably not quite as exciting to most people! Before Christmas we submitted a proposal […]