The Bubble is Back!

A bit of light entertainment since it’s less than a week until Christmas*:

This video was taken down from YouTube when the copyright holder of one of the photos objected to not receiving credit but it’s back online now for everyone to see. There’s much debate as to whether it really was breach of copyright or if a parody is fair use.

Is there a bubble, and is it going to burst? That’s a question many commentators will probably try to answer in their New Year predictions, or refuse to answer if they have any sense! Last time there was a “market adjustment” a lot of long term good came out of it. The waste and excess was given the squeeze and the good ideas won through. I could write more about this but I won’t – enjoy the video, and stay tuned over the holidays – I’m going to try to blog some stuff.

* Find out on when it really is Christmas!

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