Facebook 101

Stanford Facebook Class LogoA story from a few days ago but have only just got around to blogging about – students at Stanford University in the US are developing Facebook applications as part of their coursework. Students get to develop a “real” application and immediately see the results being used in the wild. The most successful application in the Stanford class has just short of 100,000 daily users! Most of the applications have been fairly frivolous but that’s not really the point – it covers the entire life cycle of an application from conception through to deployment and maintenance (100,000 users hitting your servers needs some serious management!).

So far only the first application has come out and there’s more of the course to come. The second application will focus on a problem in teaching and learning (lecturers – you can breathe again – it’s not all about “Get Wasted” and “KissMe”!) and there’s also presentations and analysis. I think this is a great idea and I’ve got a bunch of ideas for Facebook (or OpenSocial or whatever come next) applications that would be really useful for the University to develop, now where can I find some students? 😉