Where to stop?!

I’m currently working on some project plans for our website. We have undertaken a project, along with Corporate Marketing, to bring together all of our communications under the same umbrella (same design, theme etc). In theory the concept is great, we’ll be working with some great creatives and it gives us an opportunity to really look at our communications and what we want from them. In practice however it’s difficult to know where we should stop.

Alongside the creative developments we’ll be using the opportunity to do a lot of development work on the site; re-developing our eProspectus, news facility and embedding some of the Hi features into the Prospective Student area but in terms of what we ‘could’ do that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The website is an ever moving target. I don’t believe we ever feel that we have completed a job. The launch of the site is really the beginning of it’s life and we need to be constantly switched on to ensure it is doing it’s job correctly which is to inform and engage our users.

The possibilities for the Edge Hill site are endless. The success of Hi has taught us many lessons about the positive way in which less formal communications are recieved. We know from Go feedback that the personalisation and customisation aspects are of benefit and so we really want to embed the lessons learnt into all new development projects. However the project needs a plan and the team need targets so a line must be drawn somewhere.

So for now we’ll concentrate on our Prospective Students – getting them to the right information as quickly as possible and ensuring they engage with the content and come back! So back to the plan…

3 thoughts on “Where to stop?!

  1. Zzzzzzz.

    Less buzzwords, more content. Give us something we can use; not look at. We’re (students) not bothered about blogs. We don’t care about tech news. We can get that from more important places. This is a university web site. Give us university content. Live access to our files in a decent way. E-mail from POP or ATOM. RSS feeds of our coursework updates and changes. Loose the Blackboard and Web CT and start giving us information that we need. We’re not looking at it, we’re using it.

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