Homeward Bound

Not content with putting server rooms in shipping containers, I’d love to see student housing making use of them. Boing Boing featured them and have even produced a list of examples ranging from Florida suburban houses to Russian market stalls. From accounts coming out of Amsterdam they seem to be pretty attractive and popular as student housing.

There are apparently 700,000 unused shipping containers in US ports – I imagine there’s a fair few around the UK. Other than exporting rubbish (actual waste – I’m not taking a shot at UK manufacturing!) there’s not a lot that can be done with them so this seems like a great, environmentally friendly and economical use for them.

4 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Thanks Teresa – I found it hard to work out exactly what statistics were correct as I read that there are a million in New York alone so picked a fairly conservative number.

    I wonder how the abandoned ones work – they must be on someone’s land or can anyone who wants go and pick one of them up – even if they’re not all in the best condition it must be cheaper than paying for them!

  2. This seems to be big business, I think it would be ideal for students, or areas where they are struggling to house people. It would be a much cheaper option for the government then ‘bed and breakfast’ establishments to house people in crisis etc.
    I found this interesting clip on You Tube… enjoy

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